Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Scrap Room in SLIGHTLY Less Disarray Than Last Month

This is my TRUE CONFESSION blog: I am a disorganized scrap addict! I have more supplies than some small scrapbooking stores, and I am trying to fit them all in the second bedroom in my apartment. It barely holds all of them, SO I need to reorganize and PURGE and find space for everything. I am going to need to buy more organizing stuff (bins and shelves and such) because I have to have a place to put the stuff! AND I NEED to STOP buying scrappy supplies! I spent the last of my Crop Credits, now I am on a fast (with minimal cheating allowed if I find a spectacular deal on Glimmer Mists). So help me gods, I need to clean this room come hell or high water! It is: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!

 MY GLIMMER MIST Shelf--Top shelf has 72 bottle in this pic + the 6 in the box on the floor--for a grand TOTAL of: 78 2 oz bottles of GM!

 My Ribbon Organizer, Second MM Embellishment Center, and TV Corner--Not too bad ;-)

 My MESSY Scrap Table!--Yes there is a table under all that stuff!

Close Ups of the Scrap Table MESS

The Cleanest Corner of my Room, lol!

My wall of plastic drawers--all filled with scrap supplies...Addicted? No, not me!

 My "PROBLEM" corner...I NEVER have had this corner cleaned since I reorganized my scrap room in August!

 A bunch of my Basic Grey & Fancy Pants paper--the whole rack that is standing up is BG!

The middle of my scrap room floor--I only have a little path to get to my chair and table and every other inch is covered with scrappy supplies!

My Glimmer Misting Box is even full of STUFF!

It is growing out into the hallway.....


My Scrap Table

Closeups of the Table


  1. I love the wall of plastic drawers! Your pics of your space always make me drool and dream!

  2. MY MY and here you plurdge just a few months ago you got reed of alot of goodies and you still have ALOT of goodies left. I feel you i have the same problem i buy to much and never use. How can you find anything under all that and how do you know what you have,

  3. Oh honey, my mess is much bigger. I don't have nearly the amount of supplies that you do but I'm a very messy scrapper. Congrats on all the organizing after your move!

  4. Oh dear. You know, I was a professional organizer in a past life. I could fix this for you. As long as you don't mind if I take swim! Naked! Hahahahahaha!

  5. You my friend, are my soul sister. My scrap space is very similar. Can't wait to see your organization of it. Maybe it inspire me to organized too!

  6. Hello Megan Ann
    You could totally create a LO about anything that is special to you, so doesn't need to be Christmas related. That was the suggestion by one of our readers. Any item that is special to you, who you got it from and any story that might be connected with it would be great.
    Stefanie from Journaling Junkie.

  7. Meg where'd you get the wire mesh baskets. I've been using a plastic container and its overflowing and need more paper storage.

  8. Wow- the transformation is great! Everything looks so organized and neat. Wish you could come and do my scrap room too.

  9. ha ha ... I'm so pleased that I am not the only one that has to 'tip toe' through their scrapping supplies to make it to their scrapping table.